• Paths to Europe. From Byzantium to the Low Countries.

Paths to Europe. From Byzantium to the Low Countries.

From Byzantium to the Low Countries: via Italian cities such as Venice or Siena, through Crete, or Burgundy, or by way of Germany and Eastern Europe, what are the roads followed by icons and art objects in their passage from East to West? How was the Platonic-Byzantine concept of the image received in Europe and how was it transferred into the more Aristotelian sphere of Western medieval culture? How in their turn did the intermediaries influence this process of transmission from East to West? What contribution did Byzantine images make to the long history of the elaboration of Europe? This book tries to answer some of these questions through the articles of leading experts in the field. It is also the summary of a conference organized by BOZAR and The A.G. Leventis Foundation, which took place at the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels on 18 January 2015.

  • Autore Bernard Coulie, Paul Dujardin
  • Rilegatura Brossura con alette
  • Dimensioni 17 x 24 cm
  • Pagine 176
  • Illustrazioni 100 illustrations
  • Lingua Inglese
  • Anno 2017
Paths to Europe. From Byzantium to the Low Countries. Giacenza: 0 - COD. L0487
€ 25,00

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